Internships, Co-ops & Research: How to Get Started

STEP ONE: Log into UMBCworks and Complete Your Profile

Log into UMBCworks and follow the prompts to complete the required information as well as upload your resume in .doc or .docx format.

(If you encounter problems logging into the system, please contact our office at 410-455-2216.)

Need help preparing a resume? View sample resumes in many fields, including technical, science, policy, business, graphic design, engineering and business.

STEP TWO: Schedule your 30-minute appointment for a resume review

You are now ready to meet with an internship coordinator to assist you with your internship, co-op and/or research position search. Schedule your appointment online (via UMBCworks > click the Schedule Appointment button from the homepage), visit us in Math/Psychology 201 or call 410-455-2216.

Students attending USG should call 301-738-6338 or email to schedule an appointment on the Shady Grove campus.

Arrive at your appointment with:

  1. Your profile completed and your resume uploaded to UMBCworks.
  2. Hard copy of your resume.

During your appointment, your coordinator will review, provide feedback and approve your profile and resume in order for you to view and apply to internships, co-ops and research opportunities in UMBCworks. Students must have an approved resume in UMBCworks before becoming eligible to apply for positions.

STEP THREE: Apply to positions

  • After your resume is approved and you are released, view intern, research and co-op postings in UMBCworks by hovering over Jobs and then selecting UMBCworks. For the most relevant results, click on Advanced Search next to the keyword search box:
    • “Filter jobs by Position Type” (e.g., Internships, Cooperative Education, and/or Research)
    • Click on “More Filters” then select your major and related majors where you have skills or interests. You may also wish to click “Yes” under “Ignore jobs with ‘All Majors’ selected” to minimize less relevant results.
    • Click the search button to obtain your results.
    • Click on the “Job Titles” of the positions that interest you and follow instructions in the right-hand column to apply. If you have multiple resumes in your account, be sure to choose the correct one before hitting the “Submit” button. UMBCworks will allow you to store up to 10 different documents on your account and you are encouraged to tailor your resume for specific positions.
  • Set up “Saved Searches” (next to “Advanced Search”) to receive emails when new jobs meeting your criteria are posted. You are encouraged to check UMBCworks every two weeks for new opportunities. Remember to return all phone calls and emails from employers, even if you decide you are no longer interested.
  • In addition to resumes, some positions will ask for cover letters, personal statements or interviews. Be sure to check out the available resources in the Career Center to make your application as strong as possible.

Where to Find Internships

All students are encouraged to begin their internship searches in UMBCworks – the opportunities there are specifically posted by employers who know the value of a talented UMBC student.

However, your search should not end there! Students are encouraged to cast a wide net and apply to multiple opportunities that they are interested in and qualified for. General rules of thumb for the number of applications to send are:

1st Year Students: 16-20
2nd Year Students: 12-16
3rd Year Students: 8-12
4th Year Students and Beyond: 8-12 plus additional applications for full-time positions

Use the Where to Find Internships and Jobs section to identify other sources.
Or Create Your Own Internship.

STEP FOUR: Gain Recognition