After the Interview

Once the in-person portion of the interview has concluded, there are important steps to be taken. The most important step is to send a letter thanking the employer for their time.

See: Sample Post-Interview Correspondence

Thank-You Letters

A thank-you letter is probably the most overlooked tool used by job seekers! Be sure to send one within 24 hours of your interview. This gives you an opportunity to thank the interviewer for their time, restate your interest in the position, and include any information about yourself that you may not have mentioned during the interview.

It is important to send a tailored thank-you letter to each person you met with during your interview. This is where you will want to reference the notes you took during your interview and address concerns/information that was shared. You may mail or email a thank-you letter, though be sure not to lose the “formality” of the letter if you choose to send it by email.

Following Up

Typically, there is no action to be taken after sending your thank-you letter. However, sometimes the employer will give you a date when they will be making a decision. If the date has passed and you have not received a response, you may email or place a call to the employer to check the status of your application.

Do not call more than once, or you will risk annoying the employer.

If you receive another job offer while you are waiting, simply contact the first employer to notify them that another offer has been extended to you. If you are their top candidate, this will alert the employer that that you need a response sooner, potentially yielding you a job offer faster. If you choose to accept the alternate job offer, you should contact the first employer as soon as possible to withdraw your application.


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