Practice Interviews

Begin your practice with Big Interview, which enables you to select interview questions, record your answers, and send them to others for feedback. You can send two a day to or share with family, faculty, supervisors, and others to hear comments to improve your interviewing skills.

You can also schedule practice (or mock) interviews with a career specialist. These hour-long sessions allow you to practice your interview skills in a one-on-one setting. A career specialist will assume the role of an interviewer and ask you questions you might expect on an interview.

NOTE: While Interview Preparation appointments can be scheduled via Handshake, you must make Practice Interview appointments by calling our reception line at 410-455-2216.

Please do the following:

  1. Call the Career Center to schedule your practice interview appointment. You have the choice of whether to have your session video recorded or not.
  2. Complete the one-page exercise on Assessing Your Strengths.
    Note: It is strongly advised that you make an appointment with a career specialist after completing the Assessing Your Strengths exercise, to help you further clarify your strengths and career goals. It is recommended you do this in advance of your practice interview.
  3. If possible, be prepared to share the position for which you are being considered. If you are preparing for a graduate school interview, please select a school for the interview. Your career specialist will use this information to select and tailor questions for your session.
  4. Conduct research on the organization or graduate/professional school with whom you will be “interviewing.” (Interviewers expect candidates to do advance research. If no research is conducted, it can severely impact your ability to move on to the next interview phase.)
  5. Have your résumé, sample job description (if applicable), and a blank Interview Checklist form.

Not Quite Ready for a Practice Interview?

Review the resources found in Big Interview or schedule a 30 or 60 minute appointment with a Career Advisor for an interview preparation appointment. If you are feeling nervous and/or are new to interviewing, you may wish to schedule an Interview Preparation appointment prior to your practice interview.


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