Job and Internship Search

The process of searching for a job is really the process of selling yourself – convincing an employer to “buy” what you have to offer. To do this effectively, you’ll need to know what you’re selling (i.e., your skills, experience, education and interests) and who you’re selling it to (the targeted position, industry and employer). Next, you’ll need to come up with a good advertising brochure (your resume) and an effective sales strategy (job and internship search techniques targeted to your field).

Job and Internship Search Process

To pursue an effective job and internship strategy, follow the steps identified below:

Step 1: Make an appointment with a Career Advisor. Career advisors are available to assist you one-on-one by helping you to map out an effective job search strategy.

See: Schedule an Appointment

Step 2: Network. Networking is noted as one of the most successful ways of finding a job or internship. Below you will find information that can help you build a strong network of professional contacts:

See: Network

Step 3: Identify and Contact Possible Employers Directly. Using a proactive approach can help you tap into the hidden job market.

See: Where To Find Internships and Jobs

Step 4: Make the most of Career Fairs. Career fairs are many companies getting together to hire students just like you. To make sure you land strong job options for yourself, there are specific steps to follow.

See: Navigating Career Events

Step 5: Research Companies Early. It’s important to do research ahead of time about companies in which you’re interested. Following this step prepares you well to answer interview questions effectively, and to ask impressive questions during the interview.

See: Researching the Employer

Step 6: Follow Up with Employers. When conducting a job search, it is important to be organized and to follow up with employers. Follow up can be done electronically or by phone. To keep track of your job or internship activity, use a journal or table to identify where you found a job posting, who you called, emailed, met at a networking event, whether they replied back or whether they supplied you with a lead to someone else. Here is a sample record sheet that you can set up in Microsoft Excel.

Sample Record Sheet

Organization Address Contact Person Phone Email Type of contact Date of contact Action Needed Action Needed Date
ABC Corp. 123 Some St. Joe McFake ## ?? Left Voicemail 10/29 Call back 11/10
XYZ Tech, Inc. 986 Tech Rd. Jane Cho ?? @ Sent Email 11/1 Follow up in two weeks 11/15


Step 7: Set a Target Goal. To be successful in your job search, set a target goal for yourself. For example, “I will send out 10 resumes per week”. You’ll need to manage your time well and stick to your target goal. Remember that it can take up to nine months to find a job or internship. Your persistence will pay off!

Federal Government Job and Internship Search Strategy

When searching for government employment, it is important that you always have a strategy.  Listed below are some resources and tips that will help you develop a winning government job search strategy.

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International Job and Internship Search Strategy

When searching for international employment, having a unique strategy is critical.  Resources and tips that will help you develop an effective job search strategy are provided below.

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