Assess Your Strengths, Skills & Interests

Whether you are choosing a major, a career field, or a graduate school, it all begins with who you are. Explore your options early during your time at UMBC so you can identify a path that uses your strengths: those skills and qualities that you do well and enjoy using.

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Consider using the UMBC resources below to help you identify your strengths:

FOCUS2: Career and Education Planning Online Assessment

This online self-assessment tool provides you with personalized career exploration and planning services. Based on your interests, your personality, your talents and your values, FOCUS2 will provide a customized report listing careers that match these areas.

Take the FOCUS2 assessment, then, schedule a 60-minute FOCUS2 appointment with a career advisor to discuss your results.

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FOCUS 2 Follow Up Activity

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The most widely used personality inventory in the world, the MBTI will provide you with insight about your personality and preferences. Knowing your own preferences can help you understand your strengths and the type of work environment and activities you might enjoy. The career report of the MBTI provides occupational lists, showing the occupations most selected and least selected by your personality type. The MBTI takes about 45 minutes to complete online, and must be followed by a 60-minute in-person interpretation with a Career Specialist to receive your results.

This assessment is free for currently registered UMBC students. UMBC licenses the MBTI online assessment through a CPP platform called Elevate.

Important:  please view this short video with includes instructions on taking the MBTI.

Create an Elevate account and take the MBTI assessment

Note: Before you decide to take the MBTI, we recommend that you first take the Focus 2 career assessments.

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* – A fee will be charged for the assessment.


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