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Additional Networking Sources

UMBC Alumni Relations and RetrieverNet

As soon as you graduate from UMBC, you can reap the benefits of membership in the UMBC Alumni Association. Since membership is free, and obtainable online, you can sign up to participate in exciting events, connect with other alumni, and stay abreast of UMBC alumni news.

Another great way to explore how alumni are putting their UMBC degrees to work is through Alumni Relations’ Career Q&A. This site profiles recent alumni and poses relevant questions about how alumni have used their UMBC academics in conjunction with relevant experience to land positions in their chosen industries. You can search for specific alumni or find individuals listed by the decade or by organizations, such as former Meyerhoff Scholars, Shriver Center volunteers or Athletes.

National Trade and Professional Associations

Just about all occupations have some sort of professional association or group. National Associations generally have local affiliate associations and/or meetings that provide excellent networking opportunities.These are excellent places to meet people in your field and to learn about potential employers and current openings.

Most associations also have sections related to employment on their websites. You can often receive discounted membership rates as a student. Local or regional groups often have listservs or other ways of sharing job openings. Volunteering at association events can be a great way to meet lots of people in your field.

Ask faculty members and professionals in your industry which ones they belong to. Career advisors can also help you identify associations, or you can refer to association publications available in the Career Center, such as the National Trade and Professional Association Directory or visit The American Society of Association Executives.