Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at the Career Center

UMBC redefines excellence in higher education through an inclusive culture that connects students, staff, faculty, family members, alumni, and employers to one another. As we consider the dynamic environment of our growing global interconnectedness, the Career Center values the visible and invisible social identities held by each individual. These can range from, but are not limited to, Age, (Dis)Ability Status, Dominant Language, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Gender, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Nation of Origin, Race, Citizenship Status, Religion and Spirituality, and much more.

In response to the on-going discrimination and prejudice in the world, the Career Center staff commits to support, empower, and educate our community and ourselves. We strive to create equitable access to career opportunities for all students and alumni. We also recognize that these commitments and efforts are always ongoing and never complete.

Our Commitment to Students and Alumni

  • To create a welcoming, supportive, inclusive, equitable, and accessible environment for all students and alumni to utilize the Career Center with confidence that we honor their full humanity, lived experiences, and intersecting identities
  • To assist students in finding internships, co-ops, research opportunities and full-time employment with organizations that value diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • To design events and programs that actively consider and acknowledge the unique needs and experiences connected to various held social identities
  • To empower students and alumni to integrate their identities into their job search process, post-graduate careers, and beyond
  • To help students navigate challenges that may arise in their places of work, like challenges with cross-cultural communication, clarifying diversity expectations, and determining workplace culture
  • For more details and additional resources please see our Resources for Specific Populations pages.

Our Commitment to Employers

  • To share with employers UMBC’s recommendations for Employer Best Practices in Diversity Recruitment
  • To assist employers with the development of customized, multi-year recruitment strategies that will connect them with diverse talent
  • To partner with internship, co-op and research supervisors to address issues and provide a positive working environment for students

Our Commitment to the UMBC Community

  • To help build an inclusive and equitable community at UMBC
  • To share our knowledge and values of workplace diversity in collaboration with other units and departments of UMBC
  • To invest in ongoing training and education for our Career Center Staff