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Our goal at the UMBC Career Center is to give students the tools they need to succeed.

2022-2023 Fiscal Year in Review (graphic)

Each year, we also survey recent degree recipients to find out where they are working and studying when they leave UMBC. Here are some highlights from the class of 2022:


of degree recipients reported firm plans of being employed and/or heading to graduate school.


of employed undergraduate degree recipients are in positions directly related to their career goals.


of undergraduates had engaged in applied learning, such as internships, research, service-learning, study abroad, student teaching and leadership positions while at UMBC.

For more information on our recent Bachelor and Graduate degree recipients see our full First Destination Report.

Individual stories can be just as enlightening as survey data and we have great stories to share.

UMBC graduates are engaged in a rich variety of careers. Here are some stories about how current students are gaining critical experience and how recent graduates are using their UMBC experience to pursue their professional dreams.

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