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On-Campus Jobs & PRAC102

There are a number of opportunities to work on campus. During the first week of classes in the fall, we hold the Campus Jobs Fair, where you can speak with employers from campus departments and bwtech@umbc. Many on-campus jobs are posted on UMBCworks. Additional on-campus opportunities can be found on department’s websites, in myUMBC, or by approaching departments in person.

NOTE: It is not advised to knock on every faculty/staff member’s door. If doing in-person outreach we recommend asking at departments’ main reception or speaking with select faculty in which you have a class with, connection to, or established interest in their research.

PRAC 102: Building Skills for Career Success

If you obtain on-campus employment, consider enrolling in PRAC 102: Building Skills for Career Success. PRAC 102 is a zero-credit, pass-fail course that is recorded on the student’s transcript to provide a record of the student’s participation in University-sanctioned professional skills development. The purpose of this course is to provide a forum for students to recognize the transferable skills they are developing in their on-campus jobs and help develop them as reflective learners and workers.

Learn more about how to enroll for PRAC102 by emailing Caroline Bodnar.