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UMBC is consistently cited as one of the country’s most innovative colleges and universities. We are committed to producing cutting-edge research, while providing a distinctive undergraduate experience. Our approach has been recognized by higher education experts and national media. UMBC continues to lead the list of universities making “the most promising and innovative changes” with an “unusually strong commitment to undergraduate teaching” and is recognized for prioritizing intensive undergraduate research and creative work. Learn more.


UMBC offers majors, minors and certificate programs spanning the arts, engineering and information technology, humanities, sciences, pre-professional studies and social sciences. Learn more.

UMBC’s Graduate School offers master’s degree programs, doctoral degree programs, and graduate certificate programs. Programs are offered in education, engineering, emergency health services, imaging and digital arts, information technology, aging services, life sciences, psychology, public policy, and a host of other fields. Learn more.


UMBC students are hands-on, engaged learners who are prepared to make immediate contributions to your organization. They collaborate on projects, offer class presentations, volunteer for service and assist faculty with research. Employers say UMBC students are highly qualified, have exceptional communication and teamwork skills, and possess impressive academic accomplishments and work experience.

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Graduation Outcomes

Our programs honor the potential of all students by offering intellectual challenges, exceptional opportunities in and beyond the classroom, and valuable academic support and assistance. Ultimately, the goal is student success: that students graduate and are well prepared for careers, further education and their responsibilities as contributing members of society.

View our full report on 2020-2021 First Destinations.

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