Career Changers

Job Changing and Transition

Transitioning to a new job or career field can be an exciting but challenging time. If you are changing careers, or even considering it, one of the first steps is to do a thorough self-assessment and then explore your career options.

We’re here to help! We offer career counseling, self-assessments, resume and CV critiques, mock interviews, career fairs, and access to UMBCworks for employment opportunities. Stop by the Career Center (Math/Psych, Room 201) or call 410-455-2216 for an appointment. You can also make an appointment online through UMBCworks.

Below you will find information about all of the tools and resources we have available to assist you with this important process:

Gain Knowledge About Your Strengths, Skills and Interests

Gain Knowledge About Careers That Interest You

Document Development

Thinking about creating a resume that paints a picture of the “new” you? Or do you need to write a personal statement for application to graduate school?

Below you will find information that can help you prepare these important documents:


Personal Statements

Programs, Workshops, and Events

If your new career requires an advanced degree, and you are thinking about pursuing graduate education or professional school, Grad School 101: Navigating the Application Process is the event to attend. It is a FREE conference for UMBC students that will guide you through the challenges and put a plan in motion.

Grad School 101 Series Workshops

Networking Opportunities

Networking is noted as one of the most successful ways of finding a job.

Below you will find information that can help you build a strong network of professional contacts:


Further Education: Professional Development, Certification Preparation

Below you will find helpful information about furthering your education in order to gain relevant professional skills:

Applying to Graduate School

UMBC Graduate School

UMBC Training Centers

Additional Resources

Career Services Information

Articles and Websites