Create Your Own Internship

If you are looking for an internship at a very specific type of organization, or in an industry where formal internships are uncommon, you might have trouble finding online postings that meet your needs. Instead of giving up, get creative!

  • Make a list of companies in your area that are doing the kind of work that interests you. Then systematically contact each one through e-mail or LinkedIn. Make sure to tailor your pitch to the company, and that your language is professional. For example: “As a junior Visual Arts major at UMBC, I’ve spent the past few years learning about film production, and I hope to apply my skills in new settings. The work that your studio has produced for local arts festivals is impressive, and I would love to contribute to it. Would you consider discussing the possibility of taking me on as an intern?”
  • Reach out to organizations you’re already affiliated with. For example, if you are passionate about finding a cure for juvenile diabetes, contact the group you helped fundraise for a 5k in support of that cause. Maybe they need an intern with your skill sets, or can recommend another organization that does.
  • Use your network. Tell your family, friends, professors and former employers about exactly the kind of opportunity you’re looking for. Don’t downplay your skills – they won’t advocate for you if you can’t advocate for yourself! Learn more about networking.