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Before Recruiting at UMBC

Please read our Employer Guidelines before using our recruitment services.

Posting Opportunities (Jobs, Internships, Co-ops and Research): UMBCworks

UMBCworks, part of the NACElink Network, is UMBC’s centralized online recruitment system. Post all of your open internships, co-ops, and full- and part-time positions online for students and alumni to view for FREE.

Searching Student Resumes

UMBCworks also contains a searchable database of participating student and alumni resumes. Search by keyword to find potential candidates with skills and majors desired by your organization.

To be given access to the Resume Book, you must have an approved position in UMBCworks and not be a 3rd party recruiter or provide hiring services.

On-Campus Interviews

A convenient way to interview pre-screened UMBC students. Using UMBCworks, you can request a schedule, post your position(s), collect resumes, pre-screen candidates, and view your schedule. The Career Center handles all the logistics of this free recruitment service, including arrangements for a private interview room at the Center.

Access to UMBCworks is free of charge. If you have questions about UMBCworks or scheduling on-campus interviews, please contact Anna Pittinger, Recruitment Coordinator, at

Virtual Interviews

Can’t come to campus to conduct interviews? Want to do initial interviews or pre-screening calls over the phone, Skype or other video conferencing tool? We can help.

One of the key factors to a student having a successful remote interview is holding it in a distraction-free space where you the interviewer is able to clearly see and hear the student. The Career Center’s interview rooms are available for UMBC students to reserve for remote interviews. If you are scheduling a remove/virtual interview with a UMBC student, please encourage them to request an interview room.


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