Update: July 11, 2022

The Career Center is transitioning off UMBCworks to a new job system called Handshake. Please begin using Handshake in place of UMBCworks.

Current students and recent alumni from the past 4 years should already have a Handshake account prepopulated by Registrar data, and you can simply log in with your myUMBC single-sign-on credentials to activate the account. If Handshake does not find an existing account for you, using single-sign-on or your UMBC email address (in the format), you can sign up for an account. You will be asked to search for our school “University of Maryland, Baltimore County” then:

  • Sign up with your UMBC email address (in the format) and the new account request will automatically be approved. (Note, you can change your preferred email after initially setting up your account.)
  • Or alumni can sign up with a non-UMBC personal email address (gmail, yahoo, etc.), and your account request will be sent to a pending bin where a Career Center staff member will need to review and approve it. If you don’t receive approval within 2 business days you can email to check on the status.

Download your documents uploaded to UMBCworks. Documents will not automatically be moved over from one system to the other. You will need to upload your documents to your new account in Handshake.

July through early Fall semester, you should continue to check in UMBCworks on the status of any positions you recently applied to.

To schedule an appointment: Once logged into Handshake, click on “Career Center” in the top right or “University of Maryland, Baltimore County Career Center →” in the main page area. Then click on appointments.

*If you still need to access UMBCworks you can follow these old instructions

Getting Started*

Printable Handout

This online recruiting and job/internship listing system allows you to view and apply for full-time, internships/co-ops, part-time and temporary opportunities.

STEP 1: Log into UMBCworks. (You can also log in through myUMBC > Guide / Topics > Jobs & Internships.)

STEP 2: From the top left menu, click on My Account > Personal. Complete all required information on the Personal, Academic and Privacy sections.

STEP 3: Upload your resume in .doc or .docx format under Documents > My Documents section (click “Add New”). Please be sure to check out our resume guide and sample resumes.

STEP 4: In order to apply for positions in UMBCworks, we ask that you have your first resume reviewed and approved by a staff member of the Career Center. Stop by during Drop-ins (Monday-Friday, 2-4 PM) or schedule a resume-review appointment.

Arrive at your appointment with a hard copy of your resume. The Career Center is located in Math/Psych, Room 201. During your appointment a Career Peer or staff member will review, provide feedback and/or approve your resume in order for you to view and apply to all opportunities listed in UMBCworks.

STEP 5: Apply for positions under the Jobs > UMBCworks section. Click the “See All Jobs” link to filter your job search. For more search options, such as major, and location, click the “More Filters” link.

You may also want to search the other links under Jobs: LinkedIn for Students,, and

Tips for Searching UMBCworks

What kind of positions are in UMBCworks?

All kinds! Full-time jobs (entry-level and experienced), part-time and on-campus jobs, internships, research positions, co-ops, fellowships, entrepreneurial opportunities and temporary/seasonal positions.

How do I find positions that fit my goals?

Use the advanced search option. Choose the position type, then click show me “All Job Listings,” then click “More Filters” and select your major, as well as any other majors that align with the type of position you want. For example, if your major is psychology, but you want a writing-focused internship, try adding English to your search. You can also use the keyword search for terms that specifically fit your qualifications or what you’re looking for, such as “Mandarin,” “InDesign” or “animals.”

In addition, you may search by job function for a list of industry-related job types, such as “health services” or “human resources.”

I came up with too many/irrelevant results.

To avoid unrelated postings intended for all majors, be sure to click the button next to “Ignore Jobs with All Majors Selected.”

I was hoping for more job listings.

First, make sure you have selected a broad range of majors (focus on skill sets vs. majors) and try searching by keyword. Also, remember that employers are constantly posting positions to UMBCworks. You may be searching in an “off-season” time, so click the “Saved Searches” drop down beside the advanced search. You can save your search and even choose how regularly you’d like to receive emails with new positions that match your specifications.

Can I set up a search agent?

Yes! You can be notified via email when new positions are added that meet specified criteria. Establish your criteria using the Advanced Search feature and then click “Saved Searches” by the keyword search box to give your search a name, select how frequently you’d like to be emailed and whether you want all positions or just new ones. Be sure to hit the “Save” button when you are done.

UMBC Career Center Disclaimer

The UMBC Career Center provides job placement related services to students and alumni. UMBC is not responsible for employers’ representations or guarantees with regard to job postings, nor is it responsible for wages, working conditions, safety, or other work-related issues that may arise after placement with an employer. If an individual believes that they are being discriminated against in the workplace, they should use the employer’s internal discrimination complaint process and/or consult private legal counsel. There may also be government agencies that will receive such complaints.