Navigating Career Fairs

Employers use career fairs to attract and screen candidates. These are great opportunities to connect in person with organizations you’re already interested in, but don’t limit your options. You can also apply to other companies that you discover once you’re there. To make the most of a career fair, we suggest taking the following steps:

  • Do your research. Learn who is participating in the career fair and create a list of organizations that interest you. Then research their products/services and employment needs.
  • Be prepared. You should have several copies of your resume handy and have easy access to them. Bringing an attractive pen and portfolio isn’t a bad idea, either.
  • Dress to impress. Show employers you are serious.
  • Use your 30-second commercial to start conversations with employers.
  • Network. Talk to fellow job-seekers about employers, possible job openings, and more.
  • Follow up. Send an email to anyone you talked to at the fair within 24 hours. Asking for business cards makes this a lot easier. You should also consider connecting with recruiters through LinkedIn.


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