12 Habits of Amazing Interns

  1. Ask questions. Show that you’re curious and eager to learn.
  2. Listen well. Be respectful, follow instructions, and soak up your new colleagues’ knowledge.
  3. Speak up. Got a great idea? Share it with your supervisor.
  4. Be a team player. Make everyone’s life easier by offering to complete tasks no one else has time to do.
  5. Keep up your grades. Remember, you’re a student first. A solid GPA will keep you competitive after your internship is done.
  6. Get out of your comfort zone. All interns make mistakes—that’s part of learning. Now is the time to take risks and try something you’ve never done.
  7. Write/speak like a professional. Spell-check and grammar-check your e-mails, and stick to work-safe topics, even during casual conversations.
  8. Manage your time. Work with your supervisor to establish clear deadlines and create organized schedules to keep yourself on track.
  9. Get to know your coworkers. They can help you grow and maybe even find a job later on.
  10. Develop new skills. Actively look for opportunities to broaden your experience.
  11. Stay balanced. Your personal and school commitments won’t disappear during your internship. Work hard, but find a way to stay happy and healthy.
  12. Be dependable. The best interns can be counted on to show up (on time!) and get the job done.