Professional Portfolios

A professional portfolio provides you the opportunity to make your resume come alive. It is a collection of educational and professional achievements, which may include writing samples, peer and mentor observations, and projects. These artifacts may be presented in hard copy or digitally as an electronic portfolio (e-Portfolio) to an employer during an interview to visually demonstrate your skills, experiences, qualifications, accomplishments, and achievements. Portfolios may be used by students across all majors to document accomplishments and contributions.

Presenting a portfolio demonstrates that you are prepared and refreshes your memory about which achievements and skills are important to share with to the interviewer. A portfolio may especially be valuable if you are seeking a career in visual arts, teaching, engineering, or writing, where samples of your work are often requested. Students majoring in technical fields may also find it helpful to prepare an e-portfolio of programming projects, which can demonstrate a degree of proficiency with programming languages.

Professional portfolios are an effective tool to augment your resume throughout your job search. Check out these links to learn more about the portfolio process.

Remember, a portfolio should be used as a supplement to your explanations during the interview. You should still prepare your answers thoroughly. If you have supporting documents to verify your expertise, then you should share this information. If you have questions about the proper way to use a portfolio, consult the Career Center.


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