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Remote Internships for Arts & Communications, Winter/Spring

Apply by Dec. 15 - Stipends Available!

December 10, 2020 12:34 PM
An amazing arts activism organization called the Jüdische Kulturbund Project is partnering with UMBC to hire a number of winter/spring interns in various creative roles. These positions are entirely virtual/remote and each will be compensated with a stipend.

You can apply for each by submitting your resume, cover letter (check out the Career Center's cover letter template), and relevant samples of your work to

Visit UMBCworks, click "Jobs" on the left menu, and search the position ID to find more details about each of these internships.
  • Artivists Programming/Curatorial Remote Intern (search ID# 9320415)
  • Bullets to Books Design/Marketing/PR Remote Intern (search ID# 9320410)
  • Bullets to Books Zoom Producer/Stage Manager Remote Intern (search ID# 9320409)
  • Kultur Stories Design/Marketing/PR Remote Intern (search ID# 9320414)
  • Kultur Stories Education Remote Internships (2) (search ID# 9320413)
  • Kultur Stories Technology Remote Internships (2) (search ID# 9320412)
  • Writer/Designer Remote Intern (search ID# 9320411)
Do you have questions or need help with your application? Contact Kacie Lawrence in the UMBC Career Center:
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