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Let Us Know Your Thoughts About Virtual Career Experiences

Participants are eligible to win a $50 Amazon gift card

November 12, 2020 9:21 AM

Scott Resource Group, a well-established university recruitment consulting firm, is partnering with selected career centers nationwide, including UMBC, to conduct two important student research projects.  The findings of these studies will influence how employers recruit students using virtual platforms going forward – and will impact their internship program design and execution.  We’d welcome your participation in either or both of these two significant research projects.

The first survey, ‘Virtual Recruiting: What Worked, What Didn’t – and WHY’ will take a deep-dive into this semester’s pandemic-induced plunge into the world of digital recruiting.  Topics will include virtual career fairs, online recruiting events, and digital interviewing. 

The second project, ‘Impact of the Virtual Internship Experience’, will include questions for those who participated in a virtual internship this past summer, as well as those who are pursuing opportunities for summer 2021.

Scott Resource Group will hold a drawing for ten [10] $50 gift cards following the survey closing date for each of the research projects, and all students who have submitted a completed survey will be eligible to win.  Students are welcome to participate in either survey – or both. 

Please respond to indicating your interest this way:

Request ‘W3D Survey’ in the subject line if you’d like to receive a survey for the ‘Virtual Recruiting: What Worked, What Didn’t – and WHY?’ study

Request ‘IVIE Survey’ in the subject line if you’d like to receive a survey for the ‘Impact of the Virtual Internship Experience’  study

Request ‘Both Surveys’ in the subject line if you’d like to receive both the W3D and IVIE surveys.

Please submit your email request to participate in the survey(s) by NOVEMBER 30.  Scott Resource Group will begin sending survey links the week of November 16. 

We appreciate your consideration – Let your voice be heard!