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Career Month

April is Career Month!

March 2, 2020 4:26 PM

April is Career Month! The Career Center will be celebrating with plenty of different opportunities and events for you to take advantage of and progress your career. From the Clothing Closet to the Dining Etiquette Dinner to Navigating the Security Clearance, these events during the month of April are intended to better prepare you for your upcoming career in your field of interest.

I’m especially excited for some of the networking events planned for the month of April. There are all sorts of networking events going on during Career Month, including UMBC Connects. I’m looking forward to the networking event on April 20th for Political Science and Public Policy majors. It’s a great opportunity to get in touch with alumni and professionals within your field of interest! There is an event for everyone, whether your major is Engineering or Social Work, Computer Science or English, there is an event for you!

There are also tons of workshops going on throughout the month of April, where you can go and develop your professional skills and hone your abilities to prepare for the workforce. From personal branding to professional communication, there are plenty of skills you can learn during Career Month that will jumpstart your career!

Finally, there are off-campus trips to employers where you can get the chance to learn more about what they do, how they do it, and what working at that company or organization looks like! You can get a feel for the organization by directly observing the work environment itself, and of course, get the chance to meet people and network.

Here are some more interesting events coming up:

April 2nd and 3rd: Clothing Closet. The Clothing Closet is an event all about dressing to impress! Come pick out a professional interview outfit for absolutely no charge. (First come first serve, so don’t wait!)

April 6th: Navigating the Security Clearance. If you’re interested in a job with the Federal Government, you may need a security clearance. The Career Center will be hosting NSA experts to debunk the myths around obtaining a security clearance.

April 8th: Communicating for Success. The Career Center will be hosting a workshop dedicated to teaching you how to better communicate, in person, over the phone, and by email!

April 13th: Personal Branding. Come by and learn how to develop a personal brand and what it takes to keep up your reputation.

April 22nd: What I Wish I Knew in College. A panel of UMBC Alumni will be coming to campus to share with you the secrets and tips they wish they knew before graduating.

Check out our Calendar on the Career Center Website for more information on all of these events and more for the month of April. As always, you can contact us at (410) 455-2216 for more information on upcoming events, appointment types, and mock interviews.

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