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Diversity in the Workplace

How to be involved in a more diverse workplace.

October 1, 2019 12:39 PM

My name is Makayla Gleeson, I am a Career Peer Advisor for the Career Center and I will be running the Career Center blog. I’m currently a graduate student in the Public Policy department studying Public Management. This blog will be updated every two weeks on Mondays, so be sure to check back!

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, diversity in the workforce is an issue I think about a lot. Frequently, a workplace “culture” can involve the same types of people together, and it can be intimidating if one doesn’t fit in. But diversity in the workforce is a huge advantage to an employer and a huge advantage to the employees. While employees may feel more comfortable to be themselves in a diverse environment, they’re also more likely to collaborate creatively in an environment that fosters diverse thought. This is great for an employee but even better for employers who appreciate creative solutions to problems they look to solve.

Employer partners will come to UMBC to mingle with students and recruit students from diverse backgrounds; however, this event is open to all students. Our keynote speaker for this event is Karl W. Reid, the Executive Director of the National Society of Black Engineers. Have freedinner and win great prizes. Meet employers who are interested in diversifying their workforce. Top organizations will be on hand to discuss career opportunities within their organizations/agencies. Dress professionally and bring several copies of your resume. A list of organizations will be available on the Career Center's website. Limited seating will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. This event is co-hosted by the Career Center and the UMBC Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers.You can find more information on the Career Center MyUMBC page here.

If you’re interested in working for the government and have a disability, the Career Center also offers the Workforce Recruitment Program. The WRP is a recruitment and referral program for students and recent graduates to connect with employers looking to hire. More information can be found here. If you’re interested in registering, contact Caroline Bodnar at

There are plenty more resources the Career Center offers for specific populations! For students of all backgrounds, there are resources linked on the Career Center website for the common barriers students run into when they are looking for a diverse work environment. Whether you are LGBTQ+, a student with special needs, an international student, or a student with military experience, there are resources available to you through the Career Center that can help you find the right work environment for you.

Finding the right employer doesn’t have to be an arduous task. The Career Center helps all UMBC students, no matter their background. You can get specialized career help by scheduling an appointment with a Career Specialist through the “schedule an appointment” button on UMBCWorks, or you can utilize the online resources available on the Career Center website.

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