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Intern of the Week: Gabrielle Franks for Music Technology!

Check out her internship with the 9:30 Club!

August 29, 2019 9:08 PM

Name: Gabrielle Franks

Internship, Co-op or Research Site: I.M.P. / 9:30 Club

Position Title: Marketing Intern

Major(s)/Minor(s): Music Technology

Work Term: Summer 2019 

Tell us about your internship, co-op, or research opportunity, including your day-to-day responsibilities.

As an intern for 9:30 Club, I mainly conducted research regarding concert production with a focus on marketing and promotions. I assisted the promotions department in and out of the office, interacting with the music and fans alike; this included getting to work at tables for concerts at The Anthem, Merriweather Post Pavilion, and Lincoln Theater! My favorite show that I attended through my internship was Billie Eilish at The Anthem.

Describe the process of obtaining your position. When did you hear of the position and submit your application?

I originally reached out to Matt Doherty - my supervisor, and the person who runs the internship program at the 9:30 Club - in March of 2019, and asked about any opportunities that they had for the summer. He was eager to send me all of the information and was happy to answer my questions about the position. Once I submitted my application, they took about 3 or 4 weeks to review it and emailed me with an offer for an interview. Following the interview, they emailed me after about a week to extend an offer for an internship position to me!

What have you enjoyed the most about your position or organization? 

The relaxed environment! There's not a very strict dress code, the faces in the office were always friendly, and I met some really interesting people through the program that I wouldn't have met otherwise.

How do you believe you have made an impact through your work?

I contributed in various ways to the work that the office completed this summer, but I really enjoyed getting to create media content for the advertising team. I was able to create video montages to post online in order to promote various shows which was super fun and a great creative outlet for me. 

What advice would you give to another student who is seeking an internship or similar experience? 

Make friends! Making contacts is so important, especially in the marketing realm - reach out to people, invite them to coffee, and don't be afraid to make genuine connections with your peers!

Also, the Career Center has been a great resource as a student and as an intern. Getting feedback on resume building and receiving advice via email throughout the summer as an internship practicum student was super motivating and acted as a reminder for me to make sure I got as much out of this summer experience as possible.


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