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Get Fast-Tracked for 2019 Jobs & Internships with IBM


January 8, 2019 4:38 PM
UMBC Students - UNCUBED has been hired to share employment opportunities with you!

Get Fast-Tracked for 2019 Jobs & Internships with IBM Through Uncubed

Interested in landing a job or internship with the company at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & Natural Language Processing? Do you want to gain invaluable experience and work alongside experts in the fields of software development and design? Apply to an entry-level position or internship with IBM through Uncubed in areas ranging from hardware development and test automation to UX design and front-end development.

Through Uncubed, IBM is offering access to 2019 full-time and internship opportunities in areas including Engineering & Development, Design & UX, and more!

Apply through Uncubed for guaranteed specialized attention to your IBM application!

Learn more about Uncubed & IBM and apply here.

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