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Beginning the Job Search

Full time, part time, or internships!

October 9, 2018 9:28 AM

Whether you’re graduating and looking for a full-time position (congrats!) or looking for a summer internship, the time has arrived to begin the search. The benefits of internships are extensive. Some majors or programs require them, and even if they aren’t required, they’re a great way to gain experience, make contacts in your field, get a feel for different company cultures, and (maybe) earn some money. As for full-time positions, the answer is obvious. You’ve spent the last four(ish) years of your life earning this degree, and now you get to go out into the real world and put the degree to use!

So, how do you find these internships and job opportunities? There are two main ways:

In Person

The Career Center offers many events through the semester to facilitate connections between employers and students. You can check out all our coming events on our calendar, but I’ll highlight three types here:

  1. On The Roads: These require you to sign up, but it’s definitely worth it. The Career Center takes you by bus to the company where you get to talk with employees and get a feel for the culture and workplace.

  2. UMBC Connects: These events are hosted on campus, no RSVP required. Show up and chat one on one with company representatives.

  3. Career Corner: The least formal of the three options. Stop by the table set up in the Commons and chat for a few minutes with recruiters.

If employer recruiters are feeling a little too intimidating for you at the moment, I’d highly suggest coming in and talking with the Career Center Internship and Employment team. You can make a 30 minute appointment through UMBCworks, and they’ll walk you through the process. When I was a freshman, I came into the Career Center with no idea where to begin or what to do. They helped me land the most amazing summer position. Also consider signing up for the Intern Success Conference on November 7th! There’ll be a panel, keynote speaker, and information sessions all to help you land that perfect internship.


Over the last few years, online networking and job search tools have exploded in popularity. Check out a few of our favorites:

  1. UMBCworks: Just for UMBC students and alumni! Find all types of jobs and on-campus interviews here.

  2. Links by Major: These give you websites and resources exclusive to your major!

  3. Vault: Find companies by types of programs, locations, and majors hired. Then check out reviews from current and past employees.

  4. Linkedin: The classic. There's a reason everyone’s on Linkedin. One of the best ways to network online. Check out our guide here.

If you’re lacking inspiration or not sure what exactly you’d do at an internship, take a look at the Career Center’s Intern of the Week series. Once a week, we interview UMBC students who completed internships about their favorite parts of the job.

Next week, we’ll go over more tools the Career Center has to help you reach your career goals. Over the next few days, look out for events connecting you to Northrop Grumman, T. Rowe Price, and the Naval Surface Warfare Center. Also, be sure to sign up and attend our Diversity Recruitment event! You’ll get to network with recruiters and eat a free dinner. Good luck with your applications, and I’ll see you next week!

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