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Your Summer To-Do List

Advice for everyone, even students who are graduating!

May 7, 2018 12:32 PM

Where did the year go, guys? The sun is shining, but everyone is stressed with finals and projects and summer jobs and graduation … it’s a lot. I get it; I am right there with you. And if you’re graduating in a few weeks, that is a whole other level of stress! This can be a pretty crazy time of year, but we can all put our summertime to good use by taking the time to think about our own professional development and create goals for ourselves for the upcoming school year - or if you’re graduating, whatever your next step is!

If you already have a summer job, internship, or research experience - congratulations! If you want to take your summer experience to the next step, be sure to register for the Intern Success Practicum, a zero-credit pass/fail course that puts your experience on your transcript to give it more of an official, professional look. You can register on your UMBCworks account, or make an appointment at the Career Center to have a staff member help you register. It can only help you!

If you don’t have anything lined up for the summer yet, you are certainly not alone. You can still make an appointment to help with the job search, or just look through the 400+ summer job/internship postings that are on UMBCworks RIGHT NOW! There are plenty of opportunities; you just have to find them! Taking summer classes can also be a valuable use of time, and might even help you graduate early. Even volunteer positions at your local non-profit can be great skill-builders and resume boosters, so don’t despair if you’ve yet to find a summer position!

No matter what your situation or year in school, here is a Summer To-Do List:

  • Update your resume - make sure everything is up-to-date and spelled correctly. If you don’t want to come in for an appointment, our Resume Resource Page has plenty of information.

  • Critically think about your career path - even if you have decided your major and are confident in your career paths, there is a lot to be gained from continuously evaluating your goals and exploring all of your options. Who knows what you will find! Check out our resources for Discovering Your Options. You can also register for our Dependable Strengths Workshop on June 1st - a free full-day program that will build your confidence and help you take action toward career success.

  • Set some goals for yourself - are you bad at making decisions? Feel like you have some things you can improve on? Take some time to read about Decision Making and Goal Setting and think about what you want to get out of the next school year.

  • Graduating? We are still here! - If you are graduating soon, the Career Center’s resources are still available to you. See the attached flyer to learn more.

Even though the semester is closing up, we still have events! Stop by Commons Mainstreet on May 10th from 11:30-2pm to have your photo taken for #hearmebark and tell us what your next step is after graduation! Also, this year is the first year that UMBC is hosting the Maryland Career Consortium (MCC) Career Fair, with 100+ recruiters looking to hire students and alumni! And in case you didn’t know, the Career Center is still open during the summer session, so feel free to make an appointment! We are always here to help.

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