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Intern of the Week: Arnold Epanda for Computer Science!

Check out his internship with Lockheed Martin

March 29, 2018 7:06 PM

Name: Arnold Epanda

Internship, Co-op or Research Site: Lockheed Martin

Position Title: Software Engineer Intern

Major(s)/Minor(s):Computer Science

Work Term:Summer 2017

Tell us about your internship, co-op, or research opportunity, including your day-to-day responsibilities.

As the fall semester was coming to an end, I received a phone call from Sikorsky Aircraft, before a United Technology company and now a Lockheed Martin company to help in building their perception and autonomy work. I passed the interview, was given an offer and stipend for travel relocation since the workplace was in Stratford CT, miles away from my hometown Maryland.

I was super excited to intern with this company for two reasons: First, I felt a sense of connection with my interviewers (three at the time) because it seemed like they heard about UMBC already, for they asked quite a few questions about the school and after I gave them my feedback about the school I am attending, they acknowledged at the end of the interview that it was a great college to go to. Their view of UMBC enhanced my confidence about the school and was a reason to further accept their offer. Second, it was my first time interning away from home, receiving travel stipends, and preparing to live in Connecticut sate. Therefore, it was the perfect opportunity to have a fun summer, working on fun projects, meeting new people and knowing that I would have to build software that could impact on millions of lives.

When it came to saying YES/NO for my offer, I went for a YES and my role was to write algorithms with a lot of performance emphasis that will be integrated into their perception system.

Describe the process of obtaining your position. When did you hear of the position and submit your application?

Of course, there are a lot of organizations out there willing to help students succeed.

I have never really thought of using these organizations in order to apply for internships until one of my friends, now a software engineer in Texas, recommended INROADS to me, a non-profit organization that aims to place minorities student in tech and big corporations.

I received coaching interviews throughout that program, resume reviews and was then called for an interview. Plus, INROADS send your resume to companies. Therefore, you do not need to worry about looking for these big corporations, for they come to you.

What have you enjoyed the most about your position or organization?

Curiosity. Not being afraid to ask questions and having great team partners that are willing to see you succeed.

How do you believe you have made an impact through your work?

By being my best-self, being genuine, and having fun with everyone.

What advice would you give to another student who is seeking an internship or similar experience?

Search for non-profit organizations that are willing to help - plenty of them exist. Have friends in your area of study, which I consider to be very important. Go out and meet people, do not wait for them to come to you. Make friends everywhere. Prep for interviews, get resume reviews, go to careers fairs, pray, and be patient.

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