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PayPal - Timonium

March 15, 2017 10:36 AM
Software Engineer (UMBCworks 9290030)
Entry Level - Full-Time (3 positions are available)
F-1Visa Holders are welcome to apply

If interested, please apply via your UMBCworks account

The PayPal Credit team is looking for a self-motivated Java engineer with a few years under their belt in the industry to join the team and help build low-latency, high-throughout web services to help continue us to grow the Credit portfolio.

Primary Job Responsibilities include:
•Participate in development and implementation of technical systems.
•Implement shared components and frameworks using Java in a Linux/Solaris based environment.
•Work in an agile environment with Product Management, QA, and Operations teammates to ensure we develop the correct product for the job at hand.
•Play an active role in providing feedback across the team through code reviews.
•Driven by intellectual curiosity to understand both the why and the how of software you work on.

Job Requirements
•Strong Java skills.
•Understand the concepts around concurrency and transactions.
•Knowledge of dependency injection frameworks (Spring, CDI, Guice, etc).
•Experience with object-relational mapping technologies (Hibernate, JPA etc)
•Experience with the maven build tool.

•Knowledge of distributed systems software design and understanding of TCP fundamentals, computer architecture, storage and IO subsystems.
•SQL experience (preferably Oracle).
•Understanding of Continuous Delivery concepts.
•NodeJS, Grails or experience with other web application frameworks.
•HTML/Java Script experience

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