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Let KPMG Fund Your Master's Degree

Deadline to apply is May 23

May 18, 2021 3:41 PM
KPMG Master of Accounting with Data and Analytics Program

Application deadline is coming up!
Do you want to differentiate yourself with your technical knowledge and prepare for a dynamic career in tax? D&A is changing the way that KPMG and the public accounting profession provide services. To keep pace, the KPMG Master of Accounting with Data and Analytics Program is working to develop tax professionals in the data age through an innovative experience that includes funding for your master’s degree, specialized knowledge, and real-world experience working with our clients.
KPMG is now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 KPMG Master of Accounting with Data and Analytics Program (the Program). Start the application process by completing an employment application for the full-time Fall 2023 Experienced Associate position related to the Program. The deadline to apply is May 23, 2021.
What are participants saying?

“I would encourage any student who is looking to enhance their business and problem solving skills to apply for KPMG’s MADA Program. This program has given me a new outlook on data and how it can be used. The skills I’ve learned through the program have allowed me to feel comfortable and confident with communication and implementing my ideas. In the short term, I hope the skills and knowledge this program has provided me with will help me bring a new problem perspective to my engagement team.”

Kellee Griffin, Senior Associate, Hampton University Alumni
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