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Faculty & Staff

The UMBC Career Center is open and committed to supporting students along with our UMBC community.

We are aware of the challenges and concerns that the current climate may pose to the career plans of our students, especially those currently involved in internships or transitioning into the workforce full time after graduation. Even though we are working remotely, we have shifted all of our services and events in creative and technology-focused ways. The Career Center will be offering many career and industry events this fall to support your students.

If you receive requests from employers seeking candidates for internship or full-time opportunities, please ask them to email and we will contact them directly. Our team has the ability to assist with job postings, scheduling information sessions, and organizing interviews.

What are some of the current services being offered to students?

The Career Center team is working remotely with both students and employers to help them navigate the current environment. Students can still obtain live resumé critiques and one-on-one coaching via Webex, gain industry insights, and speak face-to-face with employers via virtual information sessions, webinars, and upcoming major specific recruiting events. Students can also access digital resources including UMBCworks, our internship and job platform, Big Interview’s mock interview training software, and FOCUS2 for those exploring career and major options. For more information see our list of current resources available to students and alumni.

Am I still able to request a workshop for my class?

Yes, UMBC faculty and staff may request a virtual workshop. To request a workshop, please complete our workshop request form.

Are there alternative assignments and learning opportunities for students pursuing internships?

The impact of COVID-19 may leave some students without the option to finish their required internship, co-op, or research hours. Consider using or adapting one of the professional development assignments to supplement your students’ experience. The Career Center’s Internships & Employment Team would also be happy to assist:

Can students enroll in the Career Center’s Internship, Co-op, or Research Practicum and/or applied learning credit for a confirmed summer opportunity?

Yes, the Career Center and academic departments can still provide permission to students to enroll in fall internship, co-op, and research courses for credit or non-credit. UMBC continues to follow public health advice, along with local jurisdiction mandates. In alignment with the University’s decision to offer classes primarily online for fall, it is recommended that off-campus educational activities also be conducted remotely. If your student’s spring internship or research experience includes any on-site work, the student must submit the ALEET Exception Request Form. Students requesting to complete a research or creative achievement experience on UMBC’s campus, should have their faculty or staff supervisor complete the following request. We will continue to share information and updates as the situation unfolds. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

UMBC Career Center staff are ready to assist you. See our full list of our staff members and their contact information.